Prepare Yourself

If you are self-employed, or are a small business owner, it is very likely that you will encounter a CRA audit at some point. Although this process can cause some anxiety and stress if you have never encountered it before, it can be simple enough if you are equipped with the knowledge and tools to defend your position. See the resources below to prepare yourself for any future CRA audit, or any current CRA audit you are in the middle of dealing with.

Should I Hire a Tax Professional?

CRA commonly audits self-employed people and small business owners because they know the least about Canadian tax law. Oftentimes, what you will owe to CRA is less then the services of a tax professional, so many Canadians opt to simply to pay up. Should you? 

Get Into an Audit Frame of Mind

What is an audit and how should you approach it? This section mentally prepares you for undertaking your own audit defense. If you know what to expect, it is easy to remain calm and in control. CRA operates by a set of rules and incentives. Once you appreciate what these are, the playing field levels out.





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left Audit Self Defense is committed to making sure you never have to pay more to CRA than you are legally required to, and to making sure you have the tools you need to calmly and effectively deal with CRA if they come calling. Do we want you to win your case? Absolutely! However, Audit Self Defense cannot guarantee successful audit decisions. Nobody can guarantee that.